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Camera price buster – A good place to get a feel for prices.

DPReview –  A great place to research a new purchase.

Ken Rockwell – Always a good read.  Like Marmite love him or hate him 🙂

Pixel Peeper – Checkout what you could do with that new purchase.

Good photographers – check these out!  Beder Kaddouri Dafydd hughes

Machine Shop

Arc Euro Trade – Great place to buy a mill 🙂

Warco – A great place to buy a lathe.

Chronos – A great place to buy things to cut metal.


Software Projects

Stack overflow – Wikipedia for coders.

Git hub – Share the knowledge.



MAME – It makes it all possible

Ulitmarc – Best wat to get from JAMMA to MAME

Giz10p – Great service – Great products.

Gremlin – Great selection of arcade products.

Swallow Amusements – Great supplier of arcade spares.

MAMEWAH – one of the best original MAME front ends for an arcade machine.








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