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Ok here is a picture of the new project. Purchased from ebay. I had to collect it from Eastbourne so arrived home at 1130pm last night, too tired to play yet but looking forward to the long Easter weekend.

Shopping list.

1. Arcade VGA РA Graphics card sold by Ultimarc that will drive the JAMMA monitor at 15KHz.

Ultimarc Arcade VGA

2.¬†J-Pac¬†– An interface card that connects between the Arcade’s JAMMA connector and ¬†a PC. The beauty being this allows the PC to fully integrate ¬†with all the original arcade controls. This will leave the original cabinet unmodified so original game boards can still be used.

Ultimarc J-Pac

3. A PC ¬†– It doesn’t need to be high spec, I am going to go for an i5 as it will run windows 7 nicely leaving enough power for any emulators/media players I feel like adding. After pricing up individual components, it was simply cheaper to opt for a pre built box that I can rip apart. For this I selected ¬†an eBuyer budget¬†Zoostorm Desktop PC, Intel Core i5-2320 3.0GHz, 8GB RAM, 1TB HDD, DVDRW, Intel HD @ ¬£320 an amazing price as I was unable to buy the individual components anywhere near this price. An old PII or above would be perfectly capable of running MAME well.

eBuyer Zoom Storm

4. A wireless keyboard/mouse  (it will spend most its time shoved in the back of the cabinet. but a must for quick changes).

5. Finally some new controls. The cabinet I bought has leaf spring switches, while perfectly fine for most uses, they tend to get dirty and unreliable quickly. So I will  replace with some Happ micro switch buttons from Gremlin. Also the joysticks are fairly worn so I will replace with 4-way/8way switchable  joysticks. These are great and can be changed between modes by simply pulling and rotating the joystick for compatible games.

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